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We are proud to work with some of the highest quality brands in Oregon. Below are some of the great companies Dreamfield has worked with. Learn how we can help your brand with storage, fulfillment, will call & delivery services.


Dreamfield is a company that is willing to go above and beyond for their clients. They provide great service with the flexibility needed for this ever changing market.They treat you as a partner rather than just a brand!
— Sun God Medicinals
You guys have one of the greatest services in this industry! We have loved every moment of working together
— Seven Points Farm
Being in Eastern Oregon, it can be difficult to travel to all the corners of the state in a timely manner! I would make a few sales, and we would have orders to deliver all across the state! Trying to plan deliveries while keeping everything else operating was no easy task! When we started working with Dreamfield everything changed! Deliveries that would have taken a week or more are now completed in as little as 1 day and at a fraction of the price!! Everything is carried out promptly, and the customer service is fantastic!! Thank you for making my job easier!!!
— Burnt River Farms
You have helped us become the little company that could!
— Leif Goods